Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Suppliers

1. Supplier notification is required in cases of nonconforming product, including arrangements for American Manufacturing approval of supplier nonconforming material. Supplier shall also respond to and complete corrective actions when requested by American

2. Supplier notification is required for changes in product and/or process definition including, where required, American Manufacturing approval.

3. Supplier notification is required for price changes prior to work performed.

4. All products will be re-packaged and shipped back to American in the same manner it was sent.

5. Certification(s) of Compliance to all applicable specifications is required, and shall include material description, alloy/temper, size if applicable, and mill test reports with lot traceability data if applicable.

6. Right of Entry shall be granted to American Manufacturing, its customers, and regulatory authorities, to all facilities involved I the order and to all applicable records, for the purpose of monitoring product quality.

7. Quality Records resulting from the processing of this order shall be controlled and retained indefinitely for retrieval upon request. Records may NOT be destroyed without written permission by American Manufacturing.

8. Supplier is responsible for full sell value if Lost or Damaged Product

9. Supplier must have a Quality Management System implemented.

10. Suppliers shall provide access to their premises and facilities for American Manufacturing, our customers and regulatory authorities for cooperation on product, process and business issues. This shall include review of documentation (i.e. FMEA, control plan, routers, instructions, records, etc.), methodologies and systems used in the provision of services.

11. Monitoring, verification, and control of counterfeit parts are all required of Supplier

In addition to the above, the Supplier shall review and communicate American Manufacturing’s customers’ requirements, which can found at:





Terms and Conditions for Customers

1. All requirements shall be specified on the purchase order.

2. The customer shall flow down all the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key Characteristics and workmanship standards.

3. American Manufacturing may charge additional fees for the provision of special requirements (e.g. APQP, PPAP, customer warranted FAIR’s, etc.) which are outside of the standard operational procedures of the organization.

4. Terms of Payment. UNLESS CREDIT HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY AMERICAN, all payments are due by the terms agreed upon. All prices are payable in U.S. dollars. Customer is solely liable for any local, state, national, or international taxes, freight, shipping, handling, customs, duties, tariffs, levies, dues, or other similar charges, whether or not included in the initial invoice. In the event any AMERICAN invoice to the Customer is not paid in full when due, Customer also agrees to pay interest from the due date at the lesser of 8% or the highest legal rate allowed by law, together with AMERICAN’s attorney fees or other costs incurred in collecting such amounts, whether or not suit is commenced.

5. All products will be packaged and shipped per American’s standard procedure unless given special shipping requests at Customer’s sole expense.

6. Product can be eligible for return for up to 45 days after the customer receives the product.